Bro Meets Jacob's Pickes 

The Venue: Jacob's Pickles 

509 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10024

My date: Future Investment Banker Bro, Danny

The atmosphere: Rustic kind of barn-like feel, trendy but not in your face. My date described the room as "too dark."

The Order: 

Fried chicken and pancakes to split (thank you, waitress, for telling us that getting an order each would have been an absurd) 

Side of collard greens

Side of mac and cheese

Rum and Root Beer 

Fried Oreos

The Review: 

The Fried Chicken was a magical take on chicken and waffles. The combination of bacon bits and maple syrup was almost too much deliciousness for my date and I. Pancakes were how they should be: massive and fluffy. The portion was actually almost too much for the both of us. 

All these flash picture kind of make the food look gross because as mentioned before the place actually is really dark. Looks like we had night vision on when we ate these pancakes. 

The mac and cheese was RIIIIIICHHHHHHH, so creamy and heavy. A little too creamy and not enough cheese for my taste but Danny took the skillet and basically ate it all so he must have disagreed. 

I ordered the collard greens thinking it was a healthy choice and trying to balance the plate but the menu clearly states there is ham so it was a less than healthy choice. They were perfectly cooked- not too droopey but a nice texture and flavor from the ham. Definitely a good choice even though my date refused to eat any because he doesn't like greens. 

The drink tasted like quality root beer, not too much kick. Pretty delightful with all the comfort food. Danny hates pickles (didn't tell me that before I took him) so no pickle backs for us. 

The fried oreos were so good I wanted to openly weep. It's not often that you find carny food in a quality New York Restaurant. Not too mushy- the breading was crunchy enough that when you bite into it there was enough texture with the soft processed oreo goodness. 

My date said he definitely enjoyed the portions, especially refreshing in New York and would go back.