Recipe Review Monday: Ina Garten's Lemon Chicken Breasts

by Stoves and Bros

Part of the big struggle to cooking is finding a great recipe. So many times I have seen beautiful looking recipes in magazines, dropped a hundo at Whole Foods, only for the recipe to be conceived and yield sad results. Ask my mom about the butter hazelnut cake debacle of 2010: For weeks,I tried the same time intensive recipe cake recipe and it still didn't work (looking at you NYTimes). 

I've never had that experience with Idna Garten's recipes. They are so simple and consistently come out great your first time using them. I listened to Bon Appetit's interview with her and she said before she publishes a recipe she will take an amateur cook to the grocery store and follow them around. If it's too hard to shop for, she rewrites the recipe. I was dyingggg when I read that- take me shopping, Idna!!! @Idnagarten, please take me to your local Hamptons Citerella #kthanks

So with that being said, I don't even need to break down this recipe for you guys. She already did. The lemon chicken breasts is a must do when want to do 5 minutes of prep and nothing else. Pair it with some pasta, like buccatini tossed with olive oil and parm and you have a very respectable meal.