Broque Monsieur with Greg Jensen

by Stoves and Bros

My good friend and actor extraordinaire, Greg Jensen is in the kitchen helping make a simple but satisfying ham and cheese sandwich. 


Black forrest ham


1. Spread the mustard on one side of the bread
2. Grate gruyere and sprinkle the cheese on both sides of the bread
Note- you can add as much as you want but you definitely want enough to cover the sides of breads evenly
3. Put two or three slices on one side of the bread and close the sandwich
4. Spread mayo on both sides of the sandwich
Bro tip: This seems odd but it will make the outside of the sandwich so crusty and delicious
5. Heat up a skillet (or any pan you have) on medium and add some Pam
Note- if you don't have Pam, a small chunk of butter will do
6. Put your sandwich on the stove and cook each side for about two minutes