Happy Fourth of Bro-ly: Grilling Lobster Made Easy

by Stoves and Bros

Lobster is probably one of the most intimidating dishes imaginable. 1) Its the only protein you are expected to kill. 2) Its expensive so after you kill the little creatures and shelled out $100, you better make it good. 3) Lobster can be difficult to time; its not like a steak where you can just cut it in half and make sure you like how its prepared. All that being said, its one of my favorite foods and I knew I needed to master it. If its bad its really bad, but if its good, its really really amazing. 

I decided to grill it for a few reasons- it seemed more laid back and fun and I love the smoky sweetness. Also, while I was home in sunny Florida, I was determined to conquer the grill (more posts to come). 

Ingredients (serves 4): 
1. 4 live lobsters 
TIP: If you do not have the heart to kill them yourself, you can ask your fishmonger to split them for you- this means you should cook them ASAP but also means you don't have to hear the lobstah scream (this is what I did and then followed the steps below).
2. 1 stick of butter
3. 1/2 a bunch of parsley
4.  2 lemons 
5. 2 cloves of garlic (optional)
6. Dash of pepper

Before you start: light up your grill to medium and let it heat up while you prep (takes about 10 minutes) 
1. Start by boiling water in a large pot. While the water is heating up, if you the lobsters are already split, take all the green gunk out of the middle by running them under COLD water

If you are working with live lobster follow the instructions here to kill and clean them- sorry guys, not posting a video of me doing this because #peta

2. Next you declaw them by using kitchen scissors and cutting at the joint
3. Take your butter, parsley, and pepper and throw it in a food processor or bullet blender 
    If you don't have either, just try to chop the parsley as much as you can and mix it with the other ingredients in a small bowl
4. Throw your lobster in the boiling water, starting with the claws, for TWO minutes; while the lobster is boiling, quickly prepare an ice bath (this is just a big bowl of water and ice)
5. After the two minutes, using tongs, place the pieces in the bath
6. After they cool, place the pieces on a large plate or cooking sheet and slather the halves with the butter mix 

Here's where it gets a little tricky: the claws take a bit longer than the halves so you have to time it out accordingly. 

1. Place the claws on the grill 2 minutes before the halves
2. After the 2 minutes, place the halves shell down for four minutes
3. Take the halves off and then take the claws off after 2 more minutes
4. Take off the grill and serve with more butter and lemon

Suggestions: serve with corn, a watermelon salad, and a grain