Broasting Eggplant

by Stoves and Bros

Eggplant can be tricky. Easily overdone or undercooked- it can be hard to find the perfect way to prepare them. However, they are so pretty when you pass in the supermarket and make for a more creative side than the usual asparagus or broccoli. After grilling, dicing, cubing and sauteing, these purple plump guys, I have found that the superior way to prepare is to slice and roast, creating a baked eggplant chip. For an extra dimension of flavor I like to add a sliver of garlic and insert it into the middle of the eggplant slice. The whole piece gets infused with garlic and it tastes like a healthy, refreshing Mediterranean slice of heaven. Full recipe below. 


Serves: 6


two medium sized eggplants

*TIP* the thinner the eggplant, the less bitter so you can use 4-6 thin, small eggplants if you prefer 

4 cloves of garlic (sliced) 

2 tablespoons of olive oil

dash of pepper  

tablespoon of salt  


1. preheat oven to 400 degrees  

2. remove half of the skin of the eggplant after washing  

2.  remove the top of the eggplant (stem) and slice the eggplant very thin

3. add salt to the eggplant and allow to sit for 10 minutes; with a paper towel remove any water 

3. using a knife pierce the eggplant in the middle and insert the slice of garlic

4. brush the eggplant with olive oil  

5. Place in the oven for 20 minutes, flip and then bake for another 20 until crispy