Create a Winter Wonderland

by Stoves and Bros

Let me preface this post by saying that I am terrified of ice skating. As soon as the temperature drops, every girl I know gushes about how romantic ice skating around Rockefeller Center seems and how they hope their boyfriend takes them. The single girls whine and lament about their singleness but mostly reference their wish to go ice skating as their reason for feeling sad. I guess the lesson here is: guys, if you want to make girls happy this winter- take them ice skating. However, if you are in the unique situation of dating me, do not suggest it. All I can imagine is me falling and getting a limb sliced off like a scene straight out of Scream Queens. Anyway, because of my personal phobias I created a list of alternative winter actives because I know I can't be the only one out there who's worried about getting run over by the Zamboni. 

1. Classic night of cuffing: if you read my previous post, you should have locked down a cuffing partner. So now all you need is a good movie to watch while you decidedly don't go out in the freezing temperatures to meet girls.

Low ball: let her put on Love, Actually

Step up: recreate the scene with the cue cards and Kiera Knightley but that's a gesture on a proposal level. 

2. Make s'mores: s'mores can be made on a gas stove if you don't have a fireplace available. If not you can make the s'mores dip I've seen plastered on Pinterest (recipe here). It's a cheap date so show a little effort. Perhaps bring in cookie dough or Reese's cup or have melted chocolate available to dip. You don't have to stage it like a buffet because that would look like you're trying too hard but have the ingredients ready to go so the activity seems effortless.

3. Christmas punch: everyone knows I love a good punch. It's a nice way to start the night before dinner or do a more intimate pregame with your love interest. My favorite recipe is located here. 

4. Take a nice walk: it's been a very mild winter and we are lucky enough that in middle of December we are able to keep our jackets unzipped and the gloves are still at home. Grab a hot chocolate and find a nice Christmas display to walk through. A few suggestions would be the windows at Bergdorfs or see the lights on college walk at Columbia (shout out to my alma mater for having the prettiest nondenominational holiday set-up in the game). 

5. Make a brunch: it's cold out. Invite your date over for a simple brunch spread (bagels, cream cheese, lox, and maybe eggs) and make her a latte or classic hot chocolate.