Five ways to guarantee a cuffing season partner (I promise apple picking didn’t make the list)

by Stoves and Bros

In the words of every GOT character, “Winter is coming.” While cuffing season usually creates anxiety amongst millennial girls everywhere, it should also instill fear in bros as well. I promise as the temperature drops, so will the number of girls going out. Don’t be that guy who watches all his friends pair off for the season while you find yourself ice skating in Rockefeller Center by yourself (because, you know, it’s a good quad workout). Be proactive in the fall and maybe even court a girl or two so you have a prime lady to make you watch The Bachelor.

1. Donut tasting: Give the poached eggs a break and instead of the traditional Saturday morning brunch, wake up a little early to pick up coffee and a half a dozen donuts in fall flavors. Not only will your date be impressed by the effort (however small) but it’s always fun to go through a bunch of flavors and taste a little bit of everything. Try: Donut Pub, Doughnut Plant, Dough (now selling at Whole Foods), Elsie’s Parlor




2. Cider Week: For those in the New York area, Cider Week is happening November 6-15. This is perfect because girls like apples and also for all the bros dating those gluten free girls, cider is the way to go. While the entire calendar looks amazing, I would suggest the GF Oktoberfest or the Lower East Cider Festival.  

3. Go glamping: Take a weekend and embrace the great outdoors, in moderation. Glamping is a happy medium between roughing it in the forest and renting a ScareBNB. You can pick from fancy tents, cottages, and even tree houses. Make some s’mores, tell a few ghost stories, and I promise your date will be smitten until next spring.

4. Punch bowl: Maybe it’s for a pregame or maybe it’s for a binge of Homeland. Either way, making a giant batch of cocktails with warm, delicious fall ingredients is an easy way to impress a lady and seem like a genuine mixologist. May I suggest Moscow Mules for everyone?

5. Make a fall pizza together: There’s something about working as a team that breaks the ice. Rather than sending a Netflix and chill text, try “pizza, then Netflix and chill? Pizza is great because 1) everyone loves it 2) you can be creative about the toppings 3) it’s really hard to mess up. Try something festive and go for a butternut squash pizza (Bro tip: buy the dough at a grocery store or local pizzeria so you aren’t stuck making the whole thing from scratch).