Bro-mofuku Cooking Class Review

by Stoves and Bros

So maybe this isn't my bro-y-est post, but I definitely wanted to do a review of my experience because its such a great gift/date idea for your significant other or friend! They also give a lot of tips to revamp your usual baking recipes. 

photo (43).JPG

The class is great for anyone with any level of cooking experience because they give you literally everything you need to assemble their famous birthday cake and walk you through their secrets. The recipes are all in the Milk Book and while the cooking is not that complicated, there are a lot of different parts that go into one cake. Your Milk Instructor provides the soak, the cookie crumbs, sheets of cake, and the icing for you to easily construct your cake. I saw a lot of groups who went together as well as couples. Bonus: They give you Brooklyn Lager. 

Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for their cake truffles (Milk's delivery guy definitely knows my name). I finally learned the secret to make my own. 

All you need is:

Some sort of cake

Crumble it up

Add moisture

Mix it up 

Scoop out a ball and dip it in white chocolate

Dunk it in a crumb 

This formula will allow you to make any type cake truffle your heart desires. Check out my s'mores truffles here! Or fancy donut holes as my guy friends called them. I also have an inkling to make savory truffles but I haven't tried it yet. Send me any ideas or recipes you have!