Stoves and Bros: now making over-easy eggs even easier

by Stoves and Bros

Tomorrow is Saturday! And that means you should treat yourself to real, delicious eggs and not some powdered eggs from the deli across the street! Here's how to make delicious over-easy eggs. They're great by themselves, with a side of pancakes (recipe soon to come), or in an egg and cheese sandwich. 


Eggs ( I usually make 1 or 2 per person)

Tip: if you or your breakfast companion are trying to eat healthy use one full egg and then add the egg whites from another. Usually people only do this for scrambled but it works great for over-easy

1 tablespoon of butter (if you're using a regular pan but for a nonstick pan you won't need anything on it)




1. Set your stove to medium-high

2. Place your pan on stove (add butter and let if melt, again, only if using a regular pan which looks like the metal one in the video) 

3. Crack your eggs into the pan; if you are not an expert cracker then it is okay to crack them into a small bowl and then pour them into the pan- this will ensure that no shell gets stuck in the pan

4. Wait 1 to 2 minutes until the bottom of the egg looks white and more solid

5. Flip

6. Cook one more minute and BOOM they are good to go

7. Add salt and pepper to taste