Egg-straordinary gentleman conquers eggs

by Stoves and Bros


Recipe: Scrambled Eggs


2 eggs (up to five if you are super hungry)

1/4 cup milk (any works - whole milk makes it fluffier; skim if you or your breakfast date are dieting)

Tablespoon of olive oil (1 tablespoon of butter or a few sprays of Pam also work)




1.     Crack your eggs into a bowl or measuring cup; use spoon to fish out any shell that might fall in

2.     Add a half cup of milk for every two eggs

3.     Scramble until milk and yolk are all blended

4.     Add to a pan with a little olive oil (or Pam or a tablespoon of melted butter)

5.     Wait about a minute until the bottom layer is cooked and begin stirring

6.     Continue stirring until the eggs are no longer runny and are instead fluffy

7.     Place on plate and add any condiments such as a dash of salt or pepper (Andrew likes it with scallions because he's fancy)


Hitting the gym? Lady friend wants some lighter options for breakfast? Here are some healthy tips:

Only keep one yolk for every two eggs- you can remove yolk with a spoon

Use skim milk

Skip the butter and use olive oil