Holiday Challenge: Eggnog Milkshake

by Stoves and Bros

I love almost everything about Christmas but the idea of eggnog freaks me out. Raw eggs, cream and booze just seem like a strange and unsafe combination. But when my friend Mel challenged my to try and review it, I couldn't say no. 

I used vanilla bean ice cream, store bought egg nog (the brand pictured above) and a little whipped cream, garnished with peppermint bark. I strongly recommend using a higher quality ice cream and not trying to be stingy with calories or the texture will be wrong. Although initially leery, I have to say that while this milkshake was richhhhhhh it was delicious. The eggnog add a spicy, velvety texture that really made the milkshake feel special. 

The exact recipe was: 

1 cup vanilla bean (I used ben and jerry's)

1 cup eggnog

A dollop of whipped cream

You can add an ounce of rum to make this an adult beverage for a party! (or while you watch the Mindy Project)

Crushed peppermint bark for garnish

These tasted particularly good with my Christmas tree place and bake cookies that are so sugary that they end up being delicious and easy to make.