Hersey's Candy Cane Bar

by Stoves and Bros

Anyone who knows me, knows that white chocolate peppermint kisses are my drug of choice. Especially, considering that they are released right around finals. Nothing makes me feel better when spending a long cold night in the library than opening a family sized bag of those babies and covering my desk with thousands of balls of foil. So when I went into Duane Reade and saw that Hersey has taken the same concept and made into bar form I almost wept of happiness and then proceeded to buy two. 

For those of you who have never tried the kisses, let me explain what they taste like...  Cheap white chocolate in the best way possible with just the slightest hint of mint that is pleasant and makes you feel like you're ice skating on idyllic lake. I'm not exaggerating. The bar form honestly tastes exactly the same as the kisses but I have to say there was something a little better in terms of texture with the bar. Hundredddd percent worth the 89 cents they are going for right now.